Jamaican Athletics World Records

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Navtej Kohli looking very closely to every game and players performance . Navtej Kohli noticed its be custom to break old record specially in Race or even athletics . Now Beijing Olympics booming with many records.
Jamaica three faster females runner names Trailblazers Shelly-Ann Fraser, Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart astonished everybody after their combining efforts to win gold-silver-silver sweep of the Women's 100-metre finals on date 17- August-2008 and applauded 2.8 million populated Jamaica
Although America had sent his complain to IAAF regarding false starting of the Race by one of three participants but application had discharged and no indiscipline had noticed by Olympics society and Now Jamaica female racer will be awarded as Gold medal
"The Jury of Appeal received a protest from the US team who claimed that Torri Edwards moved when she was in the blocks and the starter did not call back the athletes, so the jury is examining the protest," The observer had been informed by Anna Legnani IAAF's deputy director of communications but after reviewing all the footage the complain had rejected.
IAAF leads head Nick Davis had announced that "The latest is that the protest lodged by the Americans has been rejected," .he also stated that “On the grounds that they (jurors of appeal) checked the evidence, they spoke with the starter; they looked at the video and determined it was a fair start," Davis also announced for gold medal distribution evening.
America filed a complain after one hour while Fraser did their lifetime best perform in the race and took only 10.78 seconds for 100 meter race and win first ever gold for Jamaica Olympics gold medal and made a history , leading the sweep with Simpson and Stewart clocking identical 10.98 seconds in a dead-heat for silver.
The American were very disappointed after, due to failure to win gold medal in 100 meter woman race , its be seventh time only in Olympics history while America had loose to win Gold medal following 1948, 1952, 1956, 1972, 1976, and 1980.
Ludlow Watt , Manager of Jamaica's 52-member track and team was very disappointed after knowing America complain over that and told to media that “he was not surprised by the jurors' ruling.” Watt also told while addressing the Jamaican team member that "What is important is that at the end of the day we have our medals and Jamaica is proud and the athletes got the results of their hard work, so the ruling is not really surprising because I didn't expect the protest to be successful," one important point is to be noticed that no other team in the world achieved this target specially for woman athletics team. But its achieved by man athletics twice in the Olympics history , first time in 1906 in 100m race for man by the USA at the Athina Games (Archie Hahn, Nate Cartmell and Williams Hogendon) and the second time in the 1912 Stockholm (Ralph Craig, Alvah Meyer and Donald Lippincott).

Olivia Grange, minister of sports Jamaica, , who was among the scores of Jamaicans who were deprived of the happiness of hearing the national anthem being played twice in one day at these Olympics, expressed joy at the jurors' ruling , and he told the observer about his feelings that "I don't want to call the Americans poor losers, so what I'll do right now is to continue to be positive and continue to feel excited and to feel pride in the athletes and in our country".
The Stephen Francis-coached Fraser, who had the second to last worst reaction time to the starter's gun, took control of the race at the 30-metre mark and romped to an impressive victory.

The former Wolmer's High School star shaved 0.07secs off her previous personal best of 10.85 established while placing second at Jamaica's Olympic Trials in June. That time made Fraser, who grew up in the often volatile inner-city community of Waterhouse in Kingston, the second fastest Jamaican woman of all time behind Merlene Ottey (10.74sec).
"It was the performance of my life time," the excited Fraser confessed. "The only pressure on me was to go out there and execute, so I felt no pressure," added the sprinter, who won a World Championship relay silver in Osaka last year. She ran in the heats.
By taking the Olympic 100m title, Fraser achieved what Ottey and no other Jamaican woman ever did. Ottey owns one silver (1996) and two bronze (1984 and 2000) in the 100m. The bronze at the 2000 Sydney Games was an upgrade from her fourth place finish after American Marion Jones was disqualified for doping.
Juliet Cuthbert copped silver in 1992, while Tayna Lawrence and Veronica Campbell-Brown won silver and bronze medals respectively from the 2000 and 2004 editions.
Earlier in the evening session, Jamaica's national anthem reverberated around the 91,000 capacity Bird's Nest Stadium as Usain Bolt collected his gold medal for winning the Men's 100m in a new Olympic and World record time of 9.69secs.
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Michael Phelps Breaks Olympics Records

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Navtej Kohli very surprised after knowing Michael Phelps overruns success and Gold medal winning journey in world Olympics swimming competition . Also Navtej Kohli wants to point out the that his team mates are also very helpful who helped him to win 400 meter relay .
Its be remarking day for world Olympics swimmer and America , when American swimmer won Gold medal in 400 freestyle relay. Group of four talented swimmer team which made up made up by Nathan Adrian, Cullen Jones, Ben Wildman-Tobriner and Matt Grevers clocked 3:12.23 to better the former world mark of 3:12.46, set by the United States in 2006. When the relay state , Nathan Adrian was the first person who start the swim and took 48.82 time and give the chance to Cullen Jones who took 47.61 and now the chance Ben Wildman-Tobriner who took 48.03 and finally Matt Grevers reached to the destination in to take 47.77 and finished the race . Its be two time faster with respect to pervious record. Jones is likely to retain his spot on the relay, where he'll be joined by Michael Phelps, Garrett Weber-Gale and Jason Lezak.
First runner up team in this race is France which team only having two big guns Amaury Leveaux and Fred Bousquet and complete his task in only 3:12.36 and the second runner up was Australia which team of Eamon Sullivan. Matt Targett finished task in 3:12.41.
While the Italy was in fourth position which took 3:12.65 and then Sweden also cracked 3:13 as Stefan Nystrand led off a team that touched the wall in 3:12.73.. Athens Gold medalist team was in sixth position in this race .
All four young swimmer of America who set up new world record in Beijing Olympics are the graduates from North Carolina State University .
Michael Phelps now became man of Beijing Olympics who won 3 Gold medal in a single Olympics and record-tying ninth of his career. On date 12-Aug-2008 , in Beijing China Olympics he had broke his own record in 200 meter free style Olympics. The American touched in 1 minute, 42.96 seconds, lowering his old mark of 1:43.86 set at last year's world championships in Australia. He was just 2 second ahead of silver medalist Park Tae-hwan of South Korea, who finished in 1:44.85. American Peter Vanderkaay earned the bronze in 1:45.14.
Now he is row of for Olympics Gold medals stars list having name Mark Spitz and track star Carl Lewi
Now he have three Gold medal in Olympics and also three world records also, and try to broke 36-year-old record which was made by in 1972 Munich Olympics by Spitz's seven golds in a single games.Phelps' other victories were in the 400 individual medley and 400 freestyle relay.
Tuesday , date 12-August-2008 is the Golden day in the US Olympics history when Phelps had completed his 9 gold medal winning journey in the Olympics history and now be in the row of U.S. athlete Carl Lewis, U.S. swimmer Mark Spitz, Finnish distance runner Paavo Nurmi and Soviet gymnast Larysa Latynina , who had got much medals in Olympics games .
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2008 Summer Olympics torch relay

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Navtej Kohli find first time in the world history games and sports event faces such kind o\f demonstration even While George Bush set off USA Olympians to take part many human rights personals raise slogan against it. Navtej Kohli want to ask that It is true Tibetan people and protesters are right but sports events cannot be relate with this.
Many condemn and many protests makes journey of Beijing Olympics torch very difficult. Many counties and many sports personalities denied running with Olympics Torch 2008. Although it be matter of proud and dignity when a person get a chance to run with Olympics torch. Many times in many counties path had changed or shortened due to Tibetan protest.
On April 26 2008, it Beijing, China announced the ‘Journey of Honors ‘ of the torch relay and announced it will run until August 8, 2008 , inauguration of Beijing Olympics 2008. The Journey of torch was 129 days long and had to cover 137,000 km (85,000 mi) and longest path since torch run first time in 1936 Berlin Olympics. On March 24 being lit at birthplace of Olympic Games Greece and traveled to Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens, after that Beijing on 31 March and planed to en route over six continents passing through ‘Silk Route’. Mount Everest with the Nepal , Tibet also covered up in this journey .
But the torch was faced many protest and slogan while passing several countries , due to of political issues, particularly those related to China's human rights record, the recent unrest in Tibet, the war in Darfur. In San Francisco thousand of people protest against and in protest had changed the path in Pyongyang. First time in the world history Olympics torch was extinguished by China Officials in Paris due to security reason .
The protests in Europe were describe as "shameful" by the Chinese government, accusing them as "intentional disruption...who gave no thought to the Olympic spirit or the laws of Britain and France" and who "tarnish the lofty Olympic spirit", and vowed they would continue with the relay and not allow the protests to "impede the Olympic spirit". While torch was passing through Europe and North America . the president of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge depicted situation as crises and also announced that during games if anybody will find with Tibetan Flag will be expelled from the games
But in June international torch relay for the Paralympic Games due to Sichuan earthquake.

Torch : Torch design based upon a traditional Chinese design known as "Lucky Cloud", made of Aluminum which is 72 CM in height and 985Gm in weight having capacity to remain lit in 65 kilometer per hour winds, and in rain of up to 50 millimeters per hour. It having ignition key to ignite and fuelled with propane which can fuel it for 15 minute . It designed by Lenovo Group with the old Chinese beliefs that entire world is made for five things .

It was planned previously that flame will be lightened during whole rely but may be extinguished at night , on aero plane or in bad weather . But protect was be one of another reason behind extinguished , the Olympic Flame is kept alight in a set of 8 lanterns.
Air China Airbus A330 (registered B-6075), painted in the red and yellow colors designated to carry in March 2008 . The plane will travel a total of 85,077 mi (136,918 km) for a duration of 130 days through 21 countries and regions.
Route Disputes : China Olympics officials announced torch rely over six continents from AMrch 2008 to August 2008 , which have a stop in Taipei between Ho Chi Minh City and Hong Kong but some disputes the plan ha changed .
Beijing Olympics Torch Journey
Greece: Maria Nafpliotou, in the role of a High Priestess ignite torch at Olympia, Greece, site of the Ancient Olympics and hand over it to silver medalist of the 2004 Summer Olympics in taekwondo Alexandros Nikolaidis from Greece, and he again handed it to Olympic champion in women's breaststroke Luo Xuejuan from C hina. But due unrest in Tibet, three members of Reporters Without Borders, including Robert Ménard breached security and attempted to disrupt a speech by Liu Qi, the head of Beijing's Olympic organizing committee during the torch lighting ceremony in Olympia, Greece.
Chinese legal chief Zhou Yongkang and State Councilor Liu Yandong. Welcomed torch in China and hand over to Hu Jintao, the President
Kazakhstan: President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev on 2nd April 2008 bear the torch first time and the journey starts from Medeo stadium to Astana Square and took 20 KM run .
Turkey: On April 3 torch starts his journey Sultanahmet Square () and finished in Taksim Square
Russia: 5 April torch was arrived at Saint Petersburg, Russia. and ran 20m KM start at the Victory Square and finish at the Palace Square.
United Kingdom: Rely stared at Wembley Stadium on 6 April and passing throughout London city and ended after 48 Km run with in 7 hours and half hours at O2 Arena due to Tibet protesters .

France : Torch was reached on April 7 and start journey at first level Eiffel Tower and finished at the Stade Charléty . The journey was planned to be 28 KM but due to some reason it was shortened .Also scheduled ceremony at the town hall was cancelled.
United States: On April torch journey was started from San Francisco, California and routed by officials to an unannounced route . At McCovey Cove , Norman Bellingham of the U.S. Olympic Committee gave the torch to Chinese 1992 Olympic champion swimmer Lin Li. The planned closing ceremony at Justin Herman Plaza was cancelled and instead, a ceremony was held at San Francisco International Airport, where the torch was to leave for Buenos Aires
Argentina: April 11 torch had reached to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and starts journey with an artist show at Lola Mora amphitheatre in Costanera Sur and the end of the show the mayor of Buenos Aires Mauricio Macri gave the torch to the first torchbearer, Carlos Espínola. The journey end at Gabriela Sabatini. The 13.8 km route included landmarks like the obelisk and Plaza de Mayo
Some other countries where the torch was reached on the dates are
Tanzania: Dar es Salaam April 13.
Oman: Muscat April 14.
Pakistan: Islamabad April 16.

India: Due to heavy protest the rely was through on New Delhi April 17 and shortened to 2.3 KM which shared by 70 runner and pass through India Gate , but public was disallowed to see the rely . Some famous personalities had withdrew their names to carry Olympics torch are Kiran Bedi, Soha Ali Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Bhaichung Bhutia and Sunil Gavaskar , some told personal reason but Bhaichung Bhutia had told he withdrew his name because of “Tibet and their struggle". More specifically Indian politics Big Icon Rahul Gandhi also denied to carry torch.
Thailand: Bangkok April 18
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, April 21.
Indonesia: Jakarta April 22.
Australia: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 24 April
Japan: Nagano, April 26.
South Korea: Seoul, April 27
North Korea: Pyongyang April 28.
Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City April 29.
Hong Kong: Hong Kong on May 2.
Macau: Macau May 3.

The torch also covered many domestic places of China Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui,
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